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Vivien Sacco's Journey to Helping People on the Spectrum...

Vivien is a Kinesiologist Practitioner based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. She has diplomas in Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology & Beauty Therapy, plus certifications in Vibrational Kinesiology, Kinesiology Touch for Health 1, 2 and 3, trauma shifting therapy and Reiki. Vivien is very passionate about mental, emotional and physical health.

Starting her journey in Pharmacy as a teenager, health and wellbeing have always been of great interest to Vivien, studying courses throughout her early career from vitamin nutrition to dispensing prescriptions.

Her real passion began in 2002 when she discovered Vibrational Kinesiology. She met her now mentor and close friend, Tracey Rosser at an appointment, organised by her sister whose son had developed a speech problem and allergies. From that appointment onwards, Vivien was fascinated with how Tracey picked up so many emotional and ancestry links to his issues. A few years on, Tracey encouraged Vivien to research and study the Dawson Program and she has continued to dedicate her time and knowledge to all areas of wellness. Since finishing her studies, Vivien has spent much time learning and understanding how the Dawson Program can benefit adults and children on the spectrum.

We are blessed and excited to hear from Vivien in a tutorial for graduate members on Autism & Spectrum Disorders. Vivien, assisted by Tracey Rosser, will be covering topics such as:

  • Brain communication

  • Trapped blocks

  • Our Energetic & Emotional systems

  • Motor skills and

  • Using surrogates

During this tutorial, Vivien will speak from her own personal experiences to give examples of the anatomical differences in the cerebellum and amygdala for people on the spectrum and how this affects their motor skills and emotional state. She will cover how the Dawson Program may help make a difference by balancing the emotional and energetic systems, putting to peace trapped emotions, as well as discussing the synapses in the body - both chemical and electrical.


Contacting Vivian:

If you have enjoyed reading about Vivian's journey and would like to contact her, please email or visit her website here:


“Vivien, you are amazing! I walked out of there feeling relaxed and full of motivation. With your guidance, I have made some life changing decisions. Thank you and I highly recommend a visit to your place. I assure you I will visit more than once!!! My daughter has also visited and become a fan of balance and beauty within.”

~ Josie

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