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  1. All prices are listed in Australian dollars; regardless of your location, payment must be made in the Australian currency.

  2. All prices are subject to change without notice.



  1. The full payment for your purchase is deducted from your chosen payment method on completion of your order.

  2. We accept payment via credit card and PayPal and do not retain or store credit card details.

  3. PayPal has separate terms and conditions that govern third-party payment processing and we are not responsible for the application of third-party payment procession term and conditions.

  4. To request other forms of payment please contact us.


Consumer Protection

  1. This policy does not in any way limit the rights of participants to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws



Refund Policy

A refund may be available on individual application explaining reasons for the request; it will be duly considered and a decision will be final. 

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