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Training in Ireland and UK in 2022

From Educator, Helen O'Flinn

"We have had such a wonderful start to our Dawson Program October 2022 class in Ireland. 12 new students, 3 additional students coming back in from our dear Robert’s (Johnston’s) classes (Rest in Peace). And we have our three wonderful assistant educators Aga, Christina and Patricia with us taking part to support our students. This course is running as a live online course. Students will attend their course weekends, extra catch-up sessions in between course weekends and an in-person meet-up practice day in the New Year. Case studies are coming in and students have really settled into their work. It is so wonderful to see our students started on this amazing journey with the Dawson Program. Thank you to all members of the Governance Group and to Penny Dawson for the support to be able to launch the Dawson Program in a live online class format. And thank you to Tracey Rosser for taking the time to greet and welcome our new students on their first course weekend. I look forward to our students joining into the wider Dawson Program support network on Graduation. And I hope you will join with me in welcoming our new group into the wider Dawson Program family. "

From Educator, Gemma Hipson

"Our Dawson Program Practitioner in-person course, completed Module 1 in June ’22 and Module 2 in September ’22 we are now working towards the third weekend on 3/4th December ’22.

The students completed 6 case studies by 2 sessions between June and September and are now completing 6 more case studies by 2 sessions.

These case studies are rolling in to me as they are completed and I found it better for the student if they emailed the first session immediately so I can give them feedback before the second session. This has worked really well for me and the student, as I can see their improvement or failings as the go forward & correct as I go. On the second session, the students also email me the first session again so I do not have to look for it on my computer.

I am passionate about the Dawson Program and try to instill the same passion in my students. As I get to know them I also have to factor in their lives, family and work commitments which can be huge. So I am learning as I teach & during this week of half term I factored some extra time for students who requested it.

So, we are on our way with about 4 weeks to go and I look forward to my students becoming qualified practitioners in December’22."

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