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Member Recommendation Contributed by Susan Ormsby

Life Energy - using the meridians to unlock the hidden power of your emotions.

By John Diamond M.D. 1985

John Diamond M.D. was a Sydney University Medical school graduate of the year 1957. He moved to the United States in 1971.

At the time of writing this book, he had twenty five years of psychiatric and preventive medicine experience. During this time, he had become somewhat disillusioned with the lack of long term results that his patients were experiencing in his practice. He realised he had to find a way to activate in his patients their own will to be well.

This book is devoted to explaining his methodology, his clinical testing and his astounding results for the improvement and recovery of his patients.

His basic premise for this work begins with his view that ‘the basis of all physical and mental problems is the emotional attitude. As long as we can keep our emotional attitudes positive, as long as there are no negative patterns holding us back and draining our life energy, then we will be, and will stay healthy and vital.’

The book is in three parts.

The first is the goal of optimal life energy and how stress can diminish the energy.

In part two, he moves to the role of the thymus gland, defines ‘the homing thought’ which, could be loosely defined as our purpose in life and to the left and right brain or cerebral hemispheres.

He touches on the emotions of the thymus, with various exercises, diagrams, photos and patient examples to ensure this gland remains strong, ensuring we have full life vitality.

The third part is where he addresses the meridians.

He was the first to map the specific emotional states held within each of the fourteen major meridians, both positive and negative. He uses kinesiology testing of the thymus or the specific meridian point to determine whether the meridian is weak or strong. If weak, then there is an absence of the positive emotions of the meridian. If the relevant affirmation is said with emotional conviction, then balance is restored and the meridian will test strong.

With each emotion on every meridian, he delves into the words etymological meaning which, for me, greatly assisted in distinguishing the differences, some subtle, of seemingly similar states. From a Dawson program perspective, it has the potential to indicate which meridians may have issues, just from a simple analysis of the way a client presents or how they communicate.

He also offers a way using these tools to overcome fears and phobias.

For me personally, it opened my understanding of why the meridian affirmations exist within the Dawson Program and the power of them. Tracey Rosser, in her tutorial on meridians, uses the affirmations as an at home tool for her clients. Now I understand why!

There is so much more within this book. I have just skimmed the surface and thanks to him writing it for the right brain, as well as the left, it is an easy read. Just as well really, as I will be re-reading it many times, to gain the full measure of what it contains.

Sadly, John Diamond M.D. passed away in 2021.

He has published many other books, some now out of print. He is also the author of ‘Your Body Doesn’t Lie’.

Below are the URLs for his website and YouTube channel.

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