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Termed as vibrational kinesiology, the Dawson Program offers a model that goes beyond the conventional western understanding of our physical body, acknowledging what many ancient traditions and cultures have understood: we are energy.


Whatever has led you here, the journey of vibrational health and wellbeing is one worth taking. This work provides the essential physical and mental foundation to lead a healthy and balanced life. Empower yourself  with this ancient knowledge...

What interests you


Otherwise known as a Dawson Program Correction, one of the first steps in your journey is to experience the power of this process for yourself. Working one-on-one with a practitioner allows you to identify your body's highest priorities with muscle testing, and then dissolve what may be impacting on your physical and emotional health (and is no longer helpful to your wellbeing) with the use of vibrational frequencies.

Experience a Treatment


“We teach best what we most need to learn.”

~ Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

If you've been practicing the Dawson Program for some time and feel that you're ready to take your understanding to the next level and empower people with these teachings, then you might consider becoming a Dawson Program trainer. View our Mentoring Program (Level D) to take your first steps toward becoming a Trainer today.



Once you have completed the Dawson Program training, the opportunity exists to continue your learning and become a formalised practitioner of this modality. The practitioner journey involves formalised mentoring with extensive logging of practitioner hours plus the completion of recognised anatomy and physiology, first aid and kinesiology training. View our Mentoring Program (Levels B &/or C) to take your first steps today.



Have you attended the Dawson Program training and wish you had more support to help you implement the knowledge and skills you've gained into your daily life, or perhaps even guide you along the journey to become a practitioner? To assist graduates of the Dawson Program training, a formal mentoring program has been established. You may be interested to become a mentor or you may like to find a mentor. There is a pathway for growth for all levels.


Put yourself in control of you and your family's health. Learn how to work with energy, understand the impact of the human energy systems and how to correct and re-balance their function as the foundation for optimising your overall health and wellbeing. Gain a detailed understanding of the principles supporting this profound discipline of vibrational medicine, as well as learning the skills to utilise its benefits for your own family.

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