Staying On Channel

Updated: Aug 21

The Dawson Program believes that there are 5 facets that influence our optimal health.

1. Environment (Physical and Social)

2. Nutrition, Hydration and Oxygen

3. Beliefs (Attitude and Intent)

4.Exercise and Movement

5. Life Force, Energy and Vibration

Most people are familiar with the affects that the majority of these facets play in our everyday life. Each of these can individually affect your optimal health, they may also affect one another, as everything in life is interconnected both physically and energetically. If we don’t have adequate nutrition, it will affect our ability to exercise and move, our life force energy, how we interact socially and so on. The Dawson Program works mostly with Life Force, Energy and Vibration, although it is not unusual for a Dawson Program correction to have a profound impact on the other four facets of human health. In fact, as everything is connected, an energetic imbalance can be seen through the physical misalignment of the body.

My focus today is on Life Force, Energy and Vibration.

“All forms of matter are made up of very tiny particles called atoms. Physicists now know that atoms are not solid little balls. It’s better to think of them as tiny electrical, “planetary” systems. They’re typically made up of three main parts: protons, neutrons and electrons.” (1)

All matter that makes up the human body and the world around us is, energy vibrating on different frequencies. The Universe, Nature, God, Divine oneness, whatever you would prefer to call it, is also an energy. For the purpose of this article, I will refer to it as The Universe. It is my belief that all of life is interconnected energy, which communicates on a certain level of frequency, like a radio channel. When we are feeling really good and it seems like everything in life is happening for us, we are on the same energetic frequency or radio channel as The Universe. The Universe wants to manifest things, it might inspire you with an idea, but it requires the correct energetic match (frequency or radio channel) to communicate. Likewise, you can also communicate with The Universe on this same channel. However, if you’re not on the right channel or energy frequency, you won’t hear it.

Sometimes in life, our radio channel gets bumped, causing us to lose the correct frequency. This leaves us feeling stuck, anxious, and fearful, like things are just not right.

It can cause things to keep going wrong, an illness to keep reoccurring, other physical ailments, or a negative belief or thought pattern to keep repeating itself. Note, The Universe cannot effectively communicate with us on this channel. The longer it is left off the correct frequency, the more it affects our life-force.