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Searching for Something Else... A story from Effie Iliopoulos

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

As far back as I can remember, I have been searching for something else. Through high school, I read whatever I could to understand where we come from, who we are. My teachings to my children as they grew up were always very spiritual, sometimes the answers I had for them surprised me. Where did these ideas come from?

From 1989, we lived in many countries because of my husband’s work; London, New York, Japan and Hong Kong. I met many different and interesting people along the way, while teaching porcelain doll making. We returned home in 1997.

In 2001, I started a business in manufacturing and supplying doll making products also teaching this craft, as an instructor for the Doll Artisan Guild, out of New York. During my time in the shop, I seemed to attract many spiritual people and my lessons began. I signed up for Reiki workshops in 2002/2003 and this was amazing and I am now a Reiki Master. I must say I loved reiki so much that everyone I knew got a reiki session. I often use reiki in my sessions, after the Dawson Program protocol.

Soon after, I met Tracey Rosser; I took my children to see her. My son was being monitored by the hospital for liver disease on a weekly basis. After seeing Tracey, my son went back for his weekly checkup at the hospital and they wanted to know what he did because there was nothing wrong with his liver any more.

Tracey also saw my youngest daughter. For over two years she had been constantly seeing a specialist for complaints of headaches, stomach issues and lack of energy. She was not eating and would go to sleep straight after school. The doctors could not find anything wrong. One session with Tracey and she was back in the kitchen saying, “I am starving Mum”.

Tracey advised me to attend the Dawson Program Workshop Module 1 and I signed up in 2006. It was the best thing I ever did!

This course blew my mind; it was amazing. It was the second time that Peter Downie taught Cameron’s work. I completed Module 2 but needed more. Soon after, Tracey started teaching advanced classes on the protocol. I attended three workshops a year for a number of years and now, with Tracey being so busy, we still manage to have at least one a year. I look forward to these workshops because Tracey is forever growing and learning new things. The knowledge I have acquired through participating in these workshops is huge. However, I still hunger for more and more. I believe you never stop learning.

During these years I also completed Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Iridology and Eastern Holistic Therapy.

In 2022, Tracey and I will be holding a workshop for the Dawson Program Module 1 to help grow the knowledge throughout Melbourne. There was a need for

someone to teach this course in Melbourne and I feel I am ready, with Tracey’s guidance, to do so. There seems to be interest from several people who I talk to, so fingers crossed we are full speed ahead!

The Dawson Program Training Course is designed to help assist you/your family in understanding how stress affects one’s physical body, through the Energy System. This is known as the Chakras, Meridians and Auric Fields.

We aim to teach people about their own energetic framework and how to assist in rebalancing, through Vibration Kinesiology, with sound.

Module 1 Training in the Dawson Program includes

Knowledge on the three main energy systems

How our emotions influence this structure

How this stress can affect the organs and the physical structure

Information about cranial plates

How and what Applied Kinesiology is

How to muscle test

Identify allergies

Where the origin started from

We look at time, emotion and geographic factors

Our goal is for you to have a balance [or correction] and to help assist your family and show you the tools and knowledge you need to keep yourself and your family balanced.

Expressions of interest to register are now open to anyone with or without any prior knowledge in energy work.

There are two modules in all, which will be set approximately six months apart. See here for more details.

We look forward to seeing you there and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Contacting Effie:

If you have enjoyed reading about Effie's journey and would like to contact her, she is available by phone on +61 0403 353 114, email or you can simply visit her website:


"Hi Effie, just like to thank you for working on me, my legs have been very good.. you are amazing in what you do. thank you once again." - Toula

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