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Member Recommendation Contributed by Shane Gregg

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Jaap van Etten’s ‘Gifts of Mother Earth’ gives some great insight into how to model the earth’s energy systems and how these energy systems are very similar to the energy system model used in the Dawson Program.

The first four chapters I found very useful when referencing back to the protocol statements, associated with Geopathic / Geographic meridian stress affecting self or client. I have used his models to create protocol statements to give me, and the client, a better understanding of what and how these energies were affecting them. Most importantly what processes could be used to balance the natural energy systems in humans or clear the human emotions that often become imprinted into these earth energy systems.

The book also describes the different energy types, such as EMFs (electromagnetic field) and subtle energy, which I found again gave clarity for the models I use for the Dawson Program and when working with the landscape.

The remaining chapters I found great reading; though stretched my paradigms on modelling, how he perceives the relationships between the many levels of energy systems and intelligence that exist all around us. Jaap’s teachings were a great reminder that the human brain and heart are very powerful frequency generators and create complex energy systems all around us. Some we mean to create and others we may not be aware we have created, particularly if holding a negative intention/emotion. Many of the ancient indigenous cultures created and used these energy systems as part of their lives. Animals also have created energy systems to help them function on earth.

For me - a great read helping to bring clarity to my models associated with earth energies.

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