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Dawson Program Mentoring Program

A mentor for your stage in your journey...

An applicant who is in search of a mentor can be at any stage in their development through the Dawson Program journey. We invite you to seek a mentor:

  • if you have just completed your initial training,

  • if you trained many years ago and would like to kick start again, or

  • if you are an already active practitioner

The purpose of finding a mentor in the Dawson Program is to...

  • Gain support to build your knowledge, skill and confidence towards your personal goal

  • Gain access to additional mentors at any time this may be required

Guidelines for Finding a Mentor


The aim of the Mentoring Program is to connect individuals who wish to expand their current knowledge and experience in the Dawson Program, with someone who has the ability and desire to mentor these individuals or groups.

Connecting you with the mentor that suits your journey:

We aim to match you with a mentor within the Dawson Program Network to suit your level of experience and your aspirations. The information below gives structured guidelines to assist in the process, with mentoring options ranging from Levels A to D. Please select which option reflects your situation and click 'Apply' to continue the process. Please contact us if you're not sure which level of mentoring best suits your situation.

Mentoring options available to you:
Family Application

Level A

Designed for Graduate of Introductory Training who now wish to apply their knowledge with family members and animals in their own home.


Level B

Designed for Graduates who are training to become a Clinical Practitioner; or, someone who is qualified as a Clinical Practitioner.

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Level C

Designed for Graduates who are already qualified as a Clinical Practitioner and wish to advance their Practitioner capacity and skillset.


Level D

Designed for Graduates wishing  to become a trainer within the Dawson Program.

Mentee Options
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