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Harnessing the 'intention’ of the client’s subconscious mind is a powerful partner in the correctional process. This intention is combined with the use of a range of specific, powerful, vibrational frequencies to assist with the rebalance of the energy systems. Once the energy systems are rebalanced, this allows the physical and emotional functions of the body to correct as well. 


The range of vibrational frequencies most often utilised includes affirmations, bowls, tuning forks and bells. Practitioners also use recordings of ancient Tibetan horns, as well as crystals, scent and colour if required.  

Vibrational Tools: Features

Intent + Frequency = Correction

The healing process is conducted using the widely practiced muscle testing technique, with a combination of intention and frequency (including instruments creating sounds, affirmations, scents, stones, colours and the human voice) to trigger the subconscious to correct the malfunctioning frequency and realign the physical body.

The vibrational frequencies used in the Dawson Program resonate with the body’s need to dissolve stored memories and experiences that are no longer helpful to your wellbeing. The consequence is an improvement in your body’s life force and a rebalancing of your overall energetic framework. This then allows for a realignment of your physical and emotional well-being.

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