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Based:  Ireland, Spain, Iceland

Appointment Locations: Dublin, Ireland. Costa Blanca, Spain. Reykjavik, Iceland. Remote sessions available.


I have always had an interest in complementary holistic therapies with the ultimate aim to promote optimal wellbeing and activate self-healing. Having had personal experience of seeing how the body can heal itself given the right environment, I realised that the right environment has to be created and focused on within body, mind, emotions and spirit. To this end, I trained in different therapies and personal development options that could support the creation of the best possible environment to have the optimal balance, health and well-being in life. My passion in life is sharing these practices with others to support them, so that balance, harmony and pure joy can be available as a solid foundation for everyday life.


Holistic wellbeing is all about looking at the mind, body, emotion connections. I work with clients to identify where they are having challenges and I then support them to bring their health and wellbeing back into balance. To achieve this, I work with clients using several different modalities including the Dawson Program, Bio Energy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Bars, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness. I also provide clients with knowledge and skills to continue working with these practices at home for their own self-care.


I have worked across Europe, Africa and Asia. I have a base in Ireland and also travel internationally. I work both on a 1-to-one client basis and as a group facilitator. I work on an in-person basis and remotely online with clients and groups. Through the wide variety of experience that I have, I am enabled to develop and deliver effective, tailored, client-centred and personal development solutions. As a group facilitator, I develop initiatives using a participatory approach to guarantee success in the achievement of the desired end goals.


As a 1-to-one support specialist, I enable clients to be the limitless version of themselves that they truly are. To overcome challenges in all aspects of life. And to restore balance in body, mind and emotions. I work both on an in-person and remote basis with clients. Remote 1 to 1 client sessions take place over video or phone call. 


I am the Managing Director of the Bio Energy Academy of Dublin and provide beginner to advanced levels of training in the practice of Bio Energy. This training supports students to practice on family and friends and also to train up to Diploma level to become Bio Energy therapists and set-up and grow their own holistic businesses. 


I am passionate about sharing the message of self-healing through energy work with others. 






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