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Practitioner and Assistant Educator

Based:  Baldoyle, Dublin 13, Ireland.

Appointment Locations:  Baldoyle, Dublin 13, Ireland.


On the day Gemma qualified as a therapist in Bio Energy in 2010 she watched a demonstration of the Dawson program. Gemma was hooked and wanted to learn it immediately, but first I had to study Anatomy and Physiology followed by Touch for Health Kinesiology (muscle testing). 

Before studying the Dawson Program herself in 2013, Gemma invited the Dawson Program Practitioner to come to her home/clinic to see clients and a selection of other therapists who wanted their clients to benefit from a correction by the Dawson Program.

In 2017 Gemma became a registered practitioner with the Dawson Program Australia.

“I love this therapy with a passion. I cannot describe the joy of being able to change the quality of life for a special need's child, or an adult who has struggled throughout their childhood and later years.”

Gemma is now an Assistant Educator of the Dawson Program in Ireland and is looking forward to her teaching journey.

Contact Gemma for more information on training courses.


  • European Diploma in Bio Energy Therapy -European Institute of Bio Energy

  • Anatomy & Physiology- De’ Vere Academy

  • TFH Synthesis – International Kinesiology College Cork

  • Dawson Program Sound Correction Therapy course

  • Chairperson of BETA The Bio Energy Therapists Association (Nov. 2015 – Nov. 2017)

  • F.I.C.T.A. Federation of Irish Complimentary Therapist Associations




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