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Based: Sydney, New South Wales

Appointment Locations: Remote sessions worldwide


After being a long-term client of Cameron Dawson, the founder of the program, Susan began her training in 2019. She became a Dawson Program practitioner from 2021 and has since had many successes with her own clients.

Amongst others, many clients describe huge increases in their energy levels following treatment. Other clients have described positive changes in their posture, or improvements in learning and focus (especially with children).

The Dawson Program also works well for animals and Susan has worked with a number of our feline and canine friends and has found them very responsive to a Dawson Program session.

Susan has studied and practised many modalities in the past but chooses to use the Dawson program protocol, as she has experienced first hand the results which the program can offer.

And thanks to distance not being a factor in energy work, she does 99% of her sessions online with clients, which has given her access to a worldwide client base.




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