The Story of The Left Brain, The Right Brain, and a Visitor Called Dyslexia

Updated: Feb 23

Tired eyes, poor concentration, slow reading and constant distractions can now become a thing-of-the-past. Hello and welcome to this revealing story about dyslexia.

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If you suffer any of these symptoms you probably sometimes also feel frustration and embarrassment. You may believe that you need to live with this for life.

If you have a child with these symptoms, then you may also wonder how he or she is going to make it through school. You no doubt feel confused and frustrated when you know that their intellect is much higher than their school results are showing. The missing link in assessment may be as simple as your child not being able to read the exam and assignment questions properly.

When you learn the story behind dyslexia and how it can be overcome, you may be able to make a change in your own life, or assist someone you know to overcome the suffering or frustration that they feel, even if they experience only one of these symptoms.

And, there is a solution!

Why can’t my child read?

I have previously written a blog and audio post, The 5 Things You Need to Know About Dyslexia and Your Skull Bones, where I explain that dyslexia is essentially an eyesight problem, resulting from skull bone misalignment. This skull bone misalignment can be the result of a shock at some time in the person’s life, often during the birth process. A key consequence of this misalignment is lack of integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. When both hemispheres are not functioning together, this is known as homolateral brain function. That is when the ‘visitor called dyslexia’ sneaks in. But he is only a visitor and he can be asked to leave! With homolateral brain function