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The Importance of Balancing the Whole - People, Places & Landscapes

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

My wife, Linda, and I have been Dawson Program practitioners for many years. The Dawson Program (DP) protocol, which Peter and Anne Downie created, based on the work of Cam Dawson, provides the framework for our continuing work in this space. However, every client and every bit of reading and other learning has enabled other tools, which can kick in where appropriate.

Some 10 years ago, we were exposed to the broader range of earth energies, through the teaching of Dr Patrick MacManaway, a world traveler in the art of geomancy (working with earth energies). This was brought to Australia, by Resource Consulting Services (RCS) and he has been visiting regularly ever since. We completed all his modules of Quantum Leap training (several times) and for the last four years I have been understudying Patrick, as he consults around Australia. I, along with Kim Kiss and Deb McBryde (also both Dawson Program practitioners) are now carrying on Patrick’s work, when he is overseas.

We often recall Peter’s story about Cam’s rate of learning in the last years of life, where his level of understanding was increasing at an exponential rate. It is a safe bet that had he lived for say another 10 years, then the DP as we know it would be an even more expansive and valuable protocol than the one we use today.

One of the great learnings of life is that we, collectively as human beings, only know a tiny fraction of all that there is to know and of course individually, we only know a tiny fraction of that. The journey through life can be forever exciting because we can be forever learning. Many of the problems that exist in this world arise from a belief that we know far more than we do – and from the lack of humility which results.

"everything is connected with everything else"

Another learning from our work with energy and with ecology and regenerative agriculture is that everything is connected with everything else and that the approach of science in specialisation and research, through eliminating all the variables, as valuable as it can be, can also lead to fundamentally flawed conclusions. In line with this is our growing understanding that we human beings are just a small and interconnected part of the whole natural system; and it is an understanding which is fundamental to working with earth energies. We cannot engage with the natural system if we see ourselves as above it in a detached, superior and managerial role.

We love the new vision and proposed logo for the Dawson Program Support Network – congratulations to all who have been part of developing this, the new website and the framework for the program.

The vison reads

the waves of influence of the Dawson Program contribute to the balance of healthy life on earth

We have found the principles and protocol of the DP to be a magnificent foundation on which to build with other learnings. There is some overlap between these and our learnings in earth energy. We all know, for example, that meridian malfunctions can become fixed in space – a piece of furniture, a room, a house and beyond and that when an otherwise balanced person enters that space (or recalls it) they will be thrown out of alignment in the same way as if they individually had that meridian out.

Most importantly, however, the open mind that comes from some understanding of subtle energy with people and animals makes it much easier to approach the broader field of earth energies with a questioning but open mind.

So – some of the things that a rational, left- brain person such as me had trouble coming to grips with included:

  • The ability to work on people at a distance (in fact anywhere in the world) and to create instant change – so distance no longer becomes a limiting factor

  • The ability to work on an ancestor, long deceased and to correct all those in the lineage who were impacted – instantaneously – so that time is not a limiting factor.

  • Having demonstrated that time and distance are not limiting factors and determined by the enormous power of our intention, it became much less of a stretch to understand that all things are just energy and it is the interconnection between our energy fields and the energy fields of all other things that enables communication to take place. It is this communication which enables us to engage with all aspects of what we perceive as our material and tangible world.

The other thing that started to happen with the Dawson Program work and has been further developed with geomancy, is the development of our intuition, or sixth sense. Neither Linda nor I are naturally intuitive. I know there will be people reading this who are. This would be a magnificent gift, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Prior to and overlapping with starting the geomancy journey, I was working with RCS as both a teacher and consultant in the regenerative-ag space. I had some difficulty with divorcing the rational agronomic solutions to presented problems and having the clarity to let intuition kick in. This ability is gradually growing.

There are many layers of engagement and correction in relation to landscapes and these will be covered in more detail in the upcoming tutorial for graduate members on ‘The Importance of Balancing the Whole - People, Places & Landscapes’. However, there are two important questions I wish to leave you with:

  1. Is it possible to have energetically balanced people in an unbalanced landscape and vice versa?

  2. Is it possible to balance a landscape and retain that balance if the land managers are not on the journey of engaging with that landscape at a much deeper level?

As with the Dawson Program, there is now a significant history in Australia of working with agriculture and subtle energy, with substantial and tangible results. There is a growing belief that an understanding of subtle energy is a fundamental to success in the rapidly growing endeavors of regenerative agriculture. It appears however, that our aboriginal people have had these understandings for many thousands of years.


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