The 7 Causes of Energy System Failure

An article from Peter Downie

The Dawson Program is aimed at helping the person reach their optimal health by ensuring their energy systems are operating at their optimum frequency. It does this by connecting with the subconscious mind, through muscle testing statements, to identify potential malfunctions within the subtle energy systems of the body. Once these malfunctions have been found, the program then identifies the cause of the malfunction and releases it, using a combination of intent and frequency, returning the body to a state of grace.

Energy system malfunctions occur due to some form of trauma, whether that be a toxic shock, physical shock, emotional shock, or a combination of all three. When these energy systems get thrown out of balance due to a shock, the life force of the person drops significantly. Each time a shock occurs, if previous malfunctions have not been corrected, issues can begin to ‘pile up’, causing more stress on not only the energy systems, but the physical body as well. This lowers the person’s life force even more, resulting in a seemingly healthy person having many ‘unexplained’ issues.

As a part of the Dawson Program system, it is helpful to identify what the potential causes of these energy system malfunctions are, so we have collated a list of the seven main causes of energy system malfunctions below.

Early Childhood Emotions

Trauma that occurs around the birth of a child can lock in and can stay locked in throughout the life of the person. These energy system malfunctions can be caused around issues at conception, being wanted as a boy or a girl, two conceptions occurring at one time (twins) and one being lost, or trauma around the birthing process- both physically and emotionally in the mother and child. Being a brand-new person, the first strong emotion experienced often locks in.

Day-to-Day Life Emotions

Emotions from the weaning of a child through to any sort of ‘normal’ traumas that would occur throughout the person’s life, can become locked in. This can include first-day of school emotions through to parents breaking up or teenage traumas of body changes through puberty and first sexual experiences. Day-to-day trauma can also occur during adulthood, where the person may start to experience relationship breakdowns and the death of loved ones.

This model clearly gives light as to why many older societies perform rituals at the significant stages of change throughout one’s life. One such example is when a ritual is performed at the beginning of life, focused on childhood birth emotions, to clear any residual energies and help give the child a fresh start. A second would occur at the time of puberty, designed to ensure that as the child moved into their teenage years, they were no longer carrying all the baggage from their birth and childhood, to get compounded on top of what was happening in their teenage life.

Meridian Malfunctions from Other People (Alive)