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Remembering Robert Johnston

"Robert was a true gentleman, one in a million. So kind, helpful and such a knowledgeable man with countless gifts. I am so privileged to have met him on the Dawson journey and delighted that my baby girl got to meet him just recently, on what turned out to be his birthday. A remarkable example of how he always put others before himself. He will be fondly missed by all who had the pleasure to know him. Rest in eternal peace dearest Robert. "

~ Francine Mullan

"Taken so unexpectedly. No time for goodbyes. Hard working hands at rest. You inspired me, Robert, to go forward to help others release their suffering. Always willing to guide me in the right direction, when I was at a crossroads. My knowledge will continue to grow from the great foundation you taught me. "Keep it simple, Don't complicate it." were your words. I am truly grateful to have known you."

~ Christina O Riordan

"Robert was an excellent teacher and mentor. After I completed the Dawson Program, Robert continued to support me in my work. Robert was approachable, offered key insights and advice whenever I needed. He was always patient and kind."

~ Patricia O’Keeffe

"Robert will be so sadly missed by the Dawson Community here in Ireland. When meeting Robert, you sense his positive presence. He was a very knowledgeable man and excellent at his work. Gemma (Hipson) introduced me and Robert taught me all about the amazing Dawson Program, four years ago and I will be forever grateful to them. Robert was a very generous man with his time and imparting his knowledge on to others. I took Robert to be a very family orientated man and this struck me most when he and Florence opened up their home to us to complete the last weekend of our course. Both Robert and Florence made us feel very welcome. He will be sadly missed by so many and I'm sure he is still guiding us in our journey in Life.

May our friend Robert Rest in Peace forever.

Thank you Robert for all you gave me and my life is "The Better" because our paths crossed."

Love and Light,

~ Cathy McMahon

"I have had the privilege to get to know and to be tutored by Robert. He was the true essence of a gentleman. I had my last module with him at his home with his wife Florence where I had a warm welcome and wonderful learning. Robert gave so much of himself and his time to each and every student and client. I feel very blessed to have met and to have been mentored by Robert. May his gentle soul Rest In Peace."

~ Catriona O’Leary

In 2017 I believed in the Dawson Program so much that I researched and found Robert on the very last page of the Australian website. Robert was the Director for Europe for the Dawson Program.

I arranged to meet him in Trim where he held a clinic once a fortnight and he agreed to teach me and a few other therapists that year, the Dawson Program, in order for us to be registered with the Dawson Program Support Network in Australia, even though we already had studied it elsewhere. Since then I had a great working relationship with Robert & he allowed me to join him in teaching 11 persons in 2018/19 the Dawson Program. Robert was a great source of knowledge to me and he had a natural gift of healing and worked with many healing therapies. His knowledge of bone setting was well known all over Ireland & brought many people to him after accidents for the bones to be reset which he could do in minutes. For me Robert was always willing to answer any query in relation to my clients or myself. He was a gentle, extremely kind, giant of a man. I will miss him very much as a friend & colleague and my heart is with his wife Florence and all his family at this sad time.

May He rest In Peace."

~ Gemma Hipson

"Robert will forever live on in his teachings and sharing with all of his students, graduates and clients. I am forever grateful to Robert for opening his heart and giving his time to encourage others to take up the reins and start practicing the wonderful treatment of the Dawson Program. Robert and Florence were always so accommodating and generous allowing students into their home to support them with completing their training. I will always remember Gemma telling me I had to look at the Dawson Program and take it up and bringing us to Roberts class to start this amazing journey that is the Dawson Program. Robert was always ready with support and kindness and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to know him and his great work. Such a gentle and caring person, always ready and willing to give so much to others. Truly gifted and many were in awe of his gifts and work. Your light will shine brightly always Robert and you will be missed dearly by us all. Robert has left such an amazing legacy from this lifetime and has given the gift of healing to so many. Rest in peace dear Robert."

~ Helen O’Flinn

"Robert Johnston was introduced to the Dawson Program by Mary Lou Firth-Irving. She is our longest standing full time Canadian Dawson Program practitioner and student of Cameron.

Cameron had practiced and taught in Ireland in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s and Mary Lou maintained the connection to Ireland. Robert was her student. From 2004 to about 2011 the search for someone to take on the European administration of the Dawson Program was difficult. Distance, language culture and limited technology all stood in the way to finding that special person. We needed someone who was reliable, dedicated and understood the complexities of maintaining the purity of the Program whilst being able to continue their own practice.

Mary Lou was adamant Robert was the one... and she was right!

His knowledge and dedication to energy practice and natural therapies made him stand out from the crowd. He was well regarded and trusted by clients and colleagues. On top of this he was business minded.

Both Robert and Flo (his partner and then soon to be wife) welcomed myself [Penny Dawson] and Mary Lou into their home in Omagh, Northern Ireland & over a few short days we solidified our agreement and lasting friendship. Robert's quiet dry humor always gave me a laugh and I became a devotee to Flo after she took me to her line dancing lesson! I didn’t want to leave….

In October 2012 Robert came to Australia to attend Shane Gregg's course assisted by Debbie McBride. He flew into Melbourne and after a few days with me we headed off to the Stanthorpe course. Roberts' main reason for the trip was to observe and learn the methods developed by the Australian DP team so we could maintain consistency across the globe, but Robert wasn’t the only one learning! He impressed us all with his wisdom along with his openness and sincerity about sharing.

Over the following years Robert was busy with his practice. Like my father he would work 12 hours and had a great need to help people. He still maintained a quiet yet steady flow of courses with the main focus of teaching Practitioners. His connections with the International Kinesiology College assisted us in the approval of the Current course as a Personal Development Course.

Although my contact hours with Robert were limited he was a special man; quiet, consistent and dedicated to all that he did with a delightful dose of Irish humor thrown in.

His is missed and his early departure is a great loss in so many ways. My heart goes out to Flo and their children.

In true Robert fashion he ensured that his work would continue and we are so grateful to his students and fellow colleagues who are prepared to take the reins."

~ Penny Dawson

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