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In Cam's Words... A brief history of the Dawson Program

Cameron Dawson was perhaps an unlikely candidate to develop a revolutionary healing program. If it wasn’t for his own ill-health and successful recovery - due firstly to the traditional healing practices of a Balinese folk doctor - we would not today have available to us the simple, yet profound system called The Dawson Program.

Cameron Dawson was born in Australia in 1932. His career had no connection with health and healing, instead following an entrepreneurial path of business ownership, resulting in running a motor vehicle dealership for 20 years before retiring at the age of 55. It was then that this story of investigation into his own health, and the problems associated with learning difficulties began, culminating in The Dawson Program.

Twenty-eight years, and many hundreds of thousands of dollars later, Cam was still on the detective path up until his passing in 2004.

This is Cam’s story, mostly in his own words, drawn from various sources of Cam’s library of work.

“If all this talk of electrical systems and chakras seems like rubbish, which it easily could; if you the reader have been brought up in a conventional, conservative, Western mainstream thinking pattern as I was, I can only say that I did not believe such 'nonsense' myself… until I was exposed to this knowledge in Indonesia [over] 30 years ago.

For me it was a graphic revelation! Under the hand of a master craftsman in bodily structure, in the form of a Balinese folk doctor, pain in my back disappeared, a varicose vein in my left leg disappeared, my feet literally changed shape for the better, and my migraine disappeared. At the same time, I was told by the folk doctor who performed this remarkable work that I had suffered three heart attacks already! I refuted this, claiming the attacks to be gall bladder episodes, to which he replied that the gall bladder was involved but the primary problem had been three coronary occlusions, and that I had major heart illness.

Three years later when I experienced a heart attack, which could not be mistaken for anything else, a subsequent angiogram confirmed the Balinese folk doctor's diagnosis.

It was this knowledge that gave me the strength to seek means other than conventional Western medical treatment. Chiropractic attention on a permanent basis, massage, naturopathy, meditation, walking, a complete change of food intake, and, as important as all the foregoing, a complete change in mental direction, were all needed to return me to health. Lying in the intensive care ward at the Geelong Hospital after my fifth coronary occlusion, I had a near-death experience which changed my life's direction completely.

My Balinese experience in the early seventies, followed by my heart problems and ongoing back pain which necessitated the use of walking sticks, wheelchairs, traction in hospital, and pain killing drugs with their damaging side effects, all contributed to my disillusionment with our established medical practices.

I had experienced the power and immediate correction of problems that had plagued me for years by the means of what could only be described by Western concepts as non-scientific ‘witch doctory'.

However, these practices returned me to health, and gave explanations for my ill-health which differed completely from those given by my Western medical practitioners.

The explanations given to me by the traditional health practitioners of Bali made great sense to me and, more importantly, their practices relieved my symptoms, took away my pain, and made my life worth living again.

The Balinese are traditional healers with knowledge gleaned from their Polynesian ancestors, and their Thai, Indian, and Chinese cultural heritage. There are other practitioners called Pijet [directly translated this means massage however in simple terms it refers to ‘folk doctor’] who are bonesetters, masseurs, work-injury correctors and herbalists combined in one.

The ancient methods used by these people are often ridiculed by our conventional medical authorities, although they have been the traditional methods used for thousands of years in many parts of the world to the great benefit of human health.

The almost miraculous experiences I had in Bali led me to study and travel for years. [During this time, I] gained the knowledge that has been available for millennia, to those who choose to search and discover it for themselves! This is not new knowledge.

It has been buried in religious practice and maintained by priest hoods, often ultimately for their own power, and sometimes lost in the momentous social changes that have occurred during the last 5000 to 7000 years of the world's history. This knowledge has been maintained in quiet quarters, in thinly veiled references in religious texts, and in social and religious practice. Sometimes the original purpose has been lost but the practices have continued. Since my own astonishing experiences awoke me to the possibilities of hugely different, and dramatically effective, techniques of maintaining and recovering health, I have been on what could only be described as a continuing detective path, with each discovery often leading to another locked door and a further search for another key.

During my investigations I realised that the chiropractic philosophy as expounded by D.D. Palmer in the 1890s was correct. Palmer postulated that the human body is a self-correcting mechanism with a genius at the helm called the innate, that is, the sub-conscious and DNA. This powerful thought led me to the conclusion that all health should be achievable without intervention by surgery or drugs unless physical trauma is involved. Therefore, it should be possible to correct everything until the ultimate occurrence of death at our own personal use-by date. There had to be a programmed use-by date at which the body would cease to function, and life would come to an end.

The Chinese philosophy has always stated that food is medicine, and that medicine is food. The monastic system, founded by St Benedict, has always expounded the principal of a healthy mind in a healthy body. The Benedictines are still vegetarians and hard workers. They use the concept of frequency to maintain their health through the ancient power of Gregorian chant. In Benedictine monasteries the monks work physically hard on a vegetarian diet, have three to four hours sleep a night and chant for six hours, and have been doing so for many hundreds of years. Their health is maintained, and a 'state of grace' achieved through sound, good thought patterns, physical exercise and a vegetarian diet. The ancient Vedic principal of good health used the analogy of five fingers on the end of the arm, the arm being exercise and movement - yoga - in Vedic culture. The fingers of the hand each represent a major principal.

Each day I experience the joy of seeing some children recover from illness, some adults or children recover from dyslexia, some children's eyes immediately straighten (despite the damage done by generally ineffective eye operations), and immediate reading improvement. The list goes on.

All these corrections are accomplished initially by identifying and correcting the 28 base frequencies of the human body, in the order of correction desired by the individual's own sub-conscious mind. These corrections are accomplished without drugs or surgery and with immediate results. All corrections are evidenced before and after by measurements of many kinds, including photographic documentation of improvements in reading, writing, sight, walking, hearing, posture, tolerance of glare, and the removal of depression, anger, and shoulder, hip, and back pain. Some changes continue to improve with time, such as in the case of learning difficulties, which require time for the body to grow the nerve connections between the left and right brain.

An ancient form of sound therapy has been rediscovered and employed in the Dawson Program. This technique greatly reduces the time taken for brain-maturity development and leads to a reduction of susceptibility to allergenic reactions, as well as many other great benefits.

[In Cameron’s experience] These ancient sound techniques can correct energy system malfunctions that have led to the improvement of arthritic conditions, viral and bacterial infections, and other bodily conditions. The Dawson Program has been successful in addressing a number of the following conditions- dyslexia, learning difficulties, most lazy eye conditions, asthma, hay fever, fatigue, back problems (subject to damage), most headaches, ADD, ADHD, eczema, chronic fatigue, panic attacks, phobias, and most depressive states. More often than not in [my] clinical experience, drug and alcohol dependence can be reduced. This breakthrough development, unless there has been some form of external physical damage for example brain damage, is changing the lives of thousands of people.

The Dawson Program has developed an inexpensive, self-help, correctional follow-up program on CD [also available for download]. However, this follow-up program is not designed to take the place of an initial, thorough Dawson Program correctional procedure by an authorised Dawson Program practitioner but is designed as an ancillary to help maintain continuing health.

The program includes, frequencies, semi-precious stones, scents (fixed frequencies), colour cottons and instructional details. It must be stressed, however, that any self-help program is an added benefit but does not take the place of regular visits to health professional practitioners.

Our return to the behaviour patterns of the past, those that are still utilised in Eastern cultures, would be to the benefit of our mental and physical health and well-being, without the loss of any of our true gains of the last 2000 years. We need not lose any of the great surgical benefits that we have learnt, we need only learn again that the body is a self- correcting system and will respond immediately if treated correctly. Surgery and drugs should be used only as a last resort [or in an emergency situation], instead of (in the manner of our present practice) as an immediate response to any health problem. Prevention is indeed the best cure.”

~ Cameron Dawson

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