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Helen's Story

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

My journey with energy healing started as a child. My father had multiple sclerosis while I was growing up and he tried many different treatments to support him, some of which were on the energy healing side of life. Through this, I had exposure from a young age to knowing about energy type practices. The terms I was familiar with, at the time, were hands on healing, charismatic healing, laying on of hands, faith healing and acupuncture. I also had an innate ‘need/want’ to work with the energy (light) in my hands from a young age, although I never spoke about this and just accepted it was there.

On my own healing journey with energy, I was told I had two types of alopecia (hair loss). I had lost half of the hair on my head. This brought me on a deeper quest and path with energy healing. I tried many mainstream medicines and complementary options related to nutrition, exercise and better wellbeing in general to support my hair growing back. I was told there was no cure, but I refused to accept this and knew there was something deeper to look at.

With everything that I tried to support my hair growing back, the catalyst for change came in the shape of energy work and being able to identify the root cause of the hair loss. This resulted in my hair growing back and having a new awareness of the balance in my system, as a whole.

I have been hooked on energy work from a very young age and have gone deeper and deeper on this path as the years have passed. I have trained in many energy healing and wellbeing modalities. I currently run a training school, teaching students how to be Bio Energy practitioners. Bio Energy is all about working with light energy.

Gemma Hipson (the founder of the school that I now run) and I crossed paths on a committee for energy therapists in Ireland. Gemma first introduced me to the Dawson Program. I trained with Robert Johnston and Gemma and realised how the Dawson Program techniques and sound frequencies were profound on an amazing level, regarding deep healing and release. Seeing the results achieved when working with family, friends, clients and on myself have been amazing to witness. It is a pure privilege to be able to access this work and to share it with clients for their benefit. No matter how many sessions I do for people, this work never ceases to amaze! It’s a pure blessing to be able to have this treatment and the teachings on my life path in this lifetime. I am forever grateful.

An area I have put a lot of energy, focus and attention into, in the past year and half, has been working remotely with clients. As lockdowns became embedded as a way of life for a lot of this time, knowing the Dawson Program could be made available to clients with the same benefits being achieved, ensured hope remained for people looking to access healing outcomes. While some other energy modalities remained closed, the Dawson Program treatment remained available. It became a beacon of light for clients, knowing they could avail of this at any time, just as before when things were more open and in-person.

For clients, being able to access healing sessions from their own home provided an added level of comfort. This removed the need to maybe travel a long distance, arrange time off work, arrange childcare, spend time sitting in traffic or on a bus or train, to attend an appointment. This provided more options and flexibility.

Remote work will never replace in-person sessions and vice versa but they add an extra option. They are not in competition with one another but complement one another. Both options have the ability to provide the same benefits and outcomes to our clients, by providing as much flexibility as possible to clients.

This all keeps Dawson Program healing sessions accessible to all, with no barriers. At a time when people need these types of services and healing even more, it’s ever more important to remove the barriers and allow flow and flexibility in, allowing full access to everyone for Dawson Program energy treatment sessions. And to be able to avail of us as therapists, from any corner of the country or globe. While many therapies did not have the option of being able to move to remote work in the past year and a half, the Dawson Program was one such therapy which could be offered remotely. What a gift this is for us as therapists to be able to share and such a great option for clients to still be able to reap the benefits this treatment.

Access for all. Let’s continue to be advocates for this, through the mediums of a flexible in-person and remote working model.

Love and light,

Helen. xx


Contacting Helen:

If you have enjoyed reading this article and would like to contact Helen, you can read her profile and find her contact details on our website here


"I did a programme of treatment with Helen and was blown away with how quickly I felt relief from the leg and hip pain that I’ve had for so long. It has been life changing for me to feel free of the pain. I can do long walks again which I really missed. Thank you Helen for the work you have done with me. And I have all my exercises to do at home which help me to feel full of energy each day now."

- Tony

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