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Getting it into Perspective – a story from Peter Downie

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Great Grandfather's Hut (Pictured: Peter Downie)

I was, accidently, first treated by Cam as an unwilling patient twenty years ago, when I was 40 years old. Perhaps my wife Anne knew I needed it! The saying ‘life begins at 40’ could never have been truer. I had never encountered anything outside the straight and narrow and thought I had the world figured out.

After the treatment, my body was straighter, my jaw was less undershot, my asthma disappeared and

regular persistent colds and flus were no more. My left brain pulsated for 3 months. I read fifty books in the next twelve months, after not having read one for many years. I was happier, more confident in myself, trusting of my intuition, mentally a lot sharper and was able to fully appreciate those around me.

Then, I struggled to reconcile what had happened.  As a farmer I was results-focused, so I could analyse the changes but could not explain them. I wondered if I had been brainwashed or was kidding myself as to the changes, but they were personal and very profound. Then, curiosity got the better of me along with dread that I might revert back and be forever stuck in my old self, knowing things could be better. I also wondered if the rest of the world knew all this stuff and being isolated in Tassie we had missed out.

I wondered why there was not a queue a mile long waiting outside Cam’s office. I thought perhaps I had so much baggage that I noticed more changes than most people would. Anyway, I decided to learn to do it myself.  For the next few years it was in secret, because I was scared we would be labeled as nutters or dabbling in the occult, that all our employees would leave and our friends and business acquaintances would shun us. I explored many things and probably went to places I should not have gone.

What followed was a gradual confidence of not being concerned and then six years of teaching and mentoring.

Now the knowledge I gained is part of our family life and culture that we are aware of and keep in our back pockets to use. Quite often we become complacent about its power and then something amazing happens that reminds us how profound and important Cam’s accumulated knowledge and the protocol designed for the Dawson Program really is.

We have now settled into that middle ground between amazement and complacency but feel there is more to do and explore. As for the rest of the world, this is essential basic profound knowledge to help lead a happy and healthy life.

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