First Aid - Through the teachings of the Dawson Program

Updated: Feb 23

There are many First Aid modalities that we can use to help the body to heal itself. With First Aid in particular, it is so important to know the Western medicine do’s and don’ts - to know how to resuscitate, how to do a snake bandage and to be adept in these very practical and ‘life saving’ actions. Remembering that every cell works on vibration and our whole framework is on this vibration, our Western First Aid doesn’t (as yet) cover or recognise this side of our existence.

First Aid, through the Dawson Program, is utilising the frequencies to help on a cellular level, with the complications that occur on a physical or emotional level. We know that every cell in our body works on vibration (frequency is another word for vibration), so by using the Dawson Program frequencies we can help assist with balancing and allowing the body to start healing itself.

It’s a lovely marriage with the Western and Eastern medicine that we can allow the body to be put to peace emotionally by using the Dawson Program vibrations, which works perfectly in conjunction with knowing your standard First Aid.

With the correct vibrations, we can release stored emotions (e.g. falling off your bike when other children are watching and how we can feel silly or guilty or another emotion). First Aid through the Dawson Program can help neutralise the emotion of embarrassment (or whatever other emotion was felt as a consequence of falling off).

The Dawson Program is not limited to emotional First Aid though, as the frequencies can equally work at a very physical level. We had a client down in Victoria who had a White-Tailed Spider bite on his leg. His mother rang me up and said they were confident it was a White Tail! They were on the way to the hospital and his whole system was in shock. I said, “right, put on the Quads* straight away”. I muscle tested to ascertain the best action to take on the leg. They were about 45 minutes away and they just kept playing and playing it. By the time they got to the hospital, his temperature had gone down, the whole swelling had basically gone and he was calm. So the frequencies of the quads are definitely emotional but also work on a particular vibration that responds to certain elements of virus, bacteria and/or any substance that the body recognises as foreign or poisonous. There are many examples I could share with you all with profound results.

*Quads: a culmination of healing sound frequencies developed and recorded by Cameron Dawson, available to people who have completed the Dawson Program Training.

The First Aid process to follow: