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First Aid - Through the teachings of the Dawson Program

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

There are many First Aid modalities that we can use to help the body to heal itself. With First Aid in particular, it is so important to know the Western medicine do’s and don’ts - to know how to resuscitate, how to do a snake bandage and to be adept in these very practical and ‘life saving’ actions. Remembering that every cell works on vibration and our whole framework is on this vibration, our Western First Aid doesn’t (as yet) cover or recognise this side of our existence.

First Aid, through the Dawson Program, is utilising the frequencies to help on a cellular level, with the complications that occur on a physical or emotional level. We know that every cell in our body works on vibration (frequency is another word for vibration), so by using the Dawson Program frequencies we can help assist with balancing and allowing the body to start healing itself.

It’s a lovely marriage with the Western and Eastern medicine that we can allow the body to be put to peace emotionally by using the Dawson Program vibrations, which works perfectly in conjunction with knowing your standard First Aid.

With the correct vibrations, we can release stored emotions (e.g. falling off your bike when other children are watching and how we can feel silly or guilty or another emotion). First Aid through the Dawson Program can help neutralise the emotion of embarrassment (or whatever other emotion was felt as a consequence of falling off).

The Dawson Program is not limited to emotional First Aid though, as the frequencies can equally work at a very physical level. We had a client down in Victoria who had a White-Tailed Spider bite on his leg. His mother rang me up and said they were confident it was a White Tail! They were on the way to the hospital and his whole system was in shock. I said, “right, put on the Quads* straight away”. I muscle tested to ascertain the best action to take on the leg. They were about 45 minutes away and they just kept playing and playing it. By the time they got to the hospital, his temperature had gone down, the whole swelling had basically gone and he was calm. So the frequencies of the quads are definitely emotional but also work on a particular vibration that responds to certain elements of virus, bacteria and/or any substance that the body recognises as foreign or poisonous. There are many examples I could share with you all with profound results.

*Quads: a culmination of healing sound frequencies developed and recorded by Cameron Dawson, available to people who have completed the Dawson Program Training.


The First Aid process to follow:

In First Aid situations, we must “scan” and “test” before recommending or applying any vibrational remedies.

Scanning means to access your subconscious mind as if it were a library with all you know catalogued (from the protocols, the tools you have at your hands and in your location). Do a quick scan to see what tests positive and the best frequency or tool for the job. In situations that are not First Aid and acute, we use the step-by-step protocol to ascertain what the body requires. When time is short, it is appropriate to ask your subconscious to provide you with the answers so you can act quickly. Remembering the subconscious uses 48 brain cells to every 1 cell the conscious uses.

Testing (muscle testing) is then required to find out the details of “how long, when and how” to apply the vibrational frequency/ies. Always use muscle testing before going ahead.

So the scanning is using your subconscious mind and then the muscle testing is checking in with the client’s subconscious mind to ascertain the best and correct action plan to take.


A few common conditions and suggested First Aid vibrational remedies:

Head Ache

Quick Fix Six – The Quick Fix Six is a recording provided to people who have completed the Dawson Program Training, to help assist at a very powerful frequency which can help to quieten the volume of a headache. Headaches are not always going to be of the same cause; they can be emotional pain, physical pain or skeletal pain. The Quick Fix Six can put to peace emotion very quickly (whether you’re a domestic engineer, have exams or just an overloaded head). Don’t forget to apply muscle testing to clarify if all, or which part of the quick fix 6 is required.

Rose quartz – Rose quarts brings in love, helps stimulate/calm (not sedative) and neutralise anger, frustration and guilt. It helps with the flow of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) and works beautifully on the brow for tension. I personally used the raw rose quarts under a headache which was bad on my temples and had a great response in turning the volume down.

Frequent sips of warm water – Dehydration is also a common cause of headaches, so regular sips of warm water are very powerful. A common cause of headaches is cold liquids. When you’ve consumed something really cold, the blood goes into shock causing the CSF to flow incorrectly around the body.

Kidney meridian – Kidney meridian frequency is good for anxiety, especially for females. This vibration can help assist to balance the pressure of the Sacro Occipital Pump (SOP) in the base of the spine. It also helps with correcting leg length and to be at peace as the emotional content is released.

Tired Brain

Quads – Quads are great for students sitting or studying for exams or for people with jobs where they’re face to face with computers all day. The frequency of the Quads is designed for several purposes. One of these is the left-right-brain-integration. Muscle testing is required to ascertain how long you need them to be played and what Quads are required. They are such a powerful tool. I have many students, who have done veterinary or other courses in Sydney, and the quads have definitely helped them get through stressful times. They assist the neurotransmitters to articulate without the stress they could have had without using them.

Lapis – If you work with crystals, I like to have a full set. Depending on the Lapis, it can have different frequencies and vary depending on whether it’s tumbled or raw. I talked about scanning earlier on, so for general first aid, you scan to see what might be required. Many students have success placing the lapis on top of their brain and head, and it basically helps stimulate the energy flow again, through the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The lapis sitting on the top of the head sounds really strange, but Cameron Dawson (who I studied with) used this on me at times because I am quite dyslexic. I still use lapis today when studying with profound results.

4 drops of lemon juice on tongue every waking 2 hours for 2 days - This action of taking lemon juice will stimulate the 8-acupressure points. A tired brain caused by anxiety or driving a long distance will stimulate the pancreas to switch on by sending a neural-pathway to produce insulin. Lemon juice will allow the body not to be fatigued in driving or during your exam. Some often say lemon juice, even lemon oils in an oil burner will help uplift mood, focus, and the purpose of what you’re concentrating on.

Mosquito Bites

Quads – Sometimes with Mosquito bites, there is a particular fungi, virus or bacteria from follicles of the mosquito (from a dead animal or carcass) which are actually placed onto your skin and you can have a reaction to it. I did this a lot with Cameron Dawson and mosquito bites. The Quads work beautifully in milking glands. With a Dawson Program Practitioner, we can muscle test the frequencies we need to help sedate the inflammation of that bacteria/virus or even just the fascia infection.

Lavender – With mosquito bites there can often be a bit of anxiety, a bit of a hit/run with the body trying to fight the bacteria/virus. Having a bit of lavender can help calm the process, so it doesn’t travel as much.

Teaspoon – It’s the coldness of putting a teaspoon onto the mosquito bite, which stops the poison or bacteria actually going through the skin, quickly. It actually blocks it while you’re playing the frequencies, which reduces the severity of reaction, if you have a sensitivity to mosquitoes.

Sugar Cravings

Quads – There is a gland in the side of the neck which all clinical Dawson Program practitioners use on a regular basis; especially if there is thyroid, parathyroid or goitre inflammation. They will hold and pulsate the gland. While they hold onto the gland, the client listens to the quads through earphones at the same time. The result is you can feel the milking of the gland by the pulsing - going from either a slow or overstimulated pulse rate, to a very calm pulse rate. By activating it, pinching it very gently, (a clinical practitioner can show you how to do that), it can get some profound and very quick results to reduce sugar cravings.

4 drops of lemon juice on tongue every waking 2 hours for 3 days - Lemon juice can be used to reduce sugar cravings. Muscle test to find how much and what frequency the lemon juice should be taken, most suited for your situation. See above under ‘Tired Brain’. Note - lemon juice, lime or bitters on the tongue can be used.


Anxiety is very common, where we have a panic attack and often have a recurrence. We often have prescription medication, which is very beneficial to help with the panic attack, but during the attack we lose focus of the ‘here and now’ and get caught up in an over-adrenaline situation.

Having lemon juice on the tongue can help slow down the activity of the pancreas and from releasing too much insulin.

The Quick Fix 6 can help calm the emotional content behind that panic attack.

So, it brings it back to the fact that it works well when Eastern and Western medicine work together as a marriage. Medication can help, but on the emotional level and not just the physical, The Dawson Program has some wonderful tools to help.


Extending on the Dawson Program Training with First Aid:

Not only are the Dawson Program frequencies (sounds, scents and stones) suitable for the use of the Protocols taught in the Dawson Program Training Modules, but are also suitable to be used in cases of First Aid. If you’re interested in learning more about how to apply the Dawson Program to First Aid situations, then I am very excited to let you know the first Tutorial for 2021, included as part of our Dawson Program Membership Subscription, will be on Dawson Program First Aid. For members of the Dawson Program network, we are running a panel of Dawson Program educators, led by myself, Tracey Rosser, in an open question and answer session, where we will provide tips and experiences on vibrational First Aid application. Bring any questions you have - no question is silly! Together we will learn a lot and have a wonderfully expansive conversation on intention and frequency used in First Aid situations. I look forward to hearing and sharing with you.

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