Dive in, don’t wait, it will change your life!

A story from Liz Townsend

I was fortunate to be raised in an alternative family, open to many different healing modalities. We often attended chiropractic, massage and naturopathic treatments as we were growing up, so it was no surprise when exposed to Dawson Program, we fully embraced it. I had several corrections from Shane (Gregg) when he first began practicing at the Pink House and then my mother attended one of the first Dawson modules Shane taught at Happy Valley. We had lots of in-depth conversations about her learning and, of course, I signed up the following year, excited to begin my learning journey.

I was a new mum with two young sons, who had developed severe allergies to dairy. Shane had worked with us to negate these issues, even teaching me how to muscle test food for the boys before I began my course. This was an absolute game changer for the boys and I. No longer did it take me hours to do the shopping, pouring intently over the food labels – and still going home with food which would trigger them. Once we were able to muscles test, life around food became much easier. We could again enjoy barbeques and meals outside of our own home, without the worry of having a reaction! As the boys grew, they quickly learnt to muscle test their own food – and of course their trust in the process and accuracy was innate!

This same year, before undertaking module one, my father had an accident with a chainsaw and almost lost his leg. He’d cut it right down to the bone, fully severing his thigh muscle. This was in early December, and the doctors booked him in for rehab to learn to walk again at the end of January the following year. My mother, with nothing more than module 1 & 2 under her belt, balanced him at the hospital several times a day, while he was in there.

The wound was so large you could fit two fists into where his muscle had retracted!

They couldn’t close the wound, so performed surgery the best they could, and we were to go home and wait. Dad would play the quads and specific tracks from the CD, through earphones, over his wound, with the intent that the muscle would regrow. He was booked in regularly to have the wound repacked and dressed and the head doctor was astonished at the rate he was healing. Dad knew when he needed to change the sounds he was using because he would feel the muscle fibers stop twitching! His stiches were taken out well before time and his speedy recovery surprised the head doctor, who commented “I don’t know what you’re doing, and I don’t want to know, BUT KEEP DOING IT!”

My father went out dancing on New Year’s Eve and never needed to attend his rehab.

This is one such story of how the Dawson Program gives ownership for our own health and what we are truly capable of!