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Could the Dawson Program Change a Life? A story from Shane Gregg

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

When I was asked to write an article for the Dawson Program newsletter, it prompted me to reflect on how the knowledge gained from the Dawson Program, applying the processes and learnings in everyday life has changed my life. It has not only changed my life in a positive way, but the program has also influenced others, from family, friends and clients.  Including many others I have not even met, as well as communities and environments we live and work in. 

The catalyst to take up the opportunity of pursuing this path of understanding subtle energy through the Dawson Program came from my confusion with the ‘western model’ of how to keep healthy. I always felt there was a missing element. During an Ag conference, a presentation was given about the Dawson Program and how it could change our mental and physical health. This talk challenged all my science knowledge, though my gut and heart instincts kept reassuring me this is what I had always known, hence the journey commenced out of trust.

So what I would like to remind those of you who have learnt some of the processes or even from experiencing a correction, the tools and models can guide us to understand what else may need attention to achieve our optimum health.

In simplistic terms, the ‘western model’ of health revolves around good nutrition and hydration, moderate exercise, maintaining a positive attitude and living in a clean environment. The Dawson Program opens the door to give us an understanding of the fifth element; the subtle energy systems that exist in all living things on earth and how we can correct them in ourselves. All these elements are interconnected, if one element has been neglected or compromised, it may affect the other elements, if not all. We must remember there are no panaceas ‘out there’ and hence we need to constantly maintain all elements, including the Subtle Energy System.

What I feel is exciting, since I first came across the Dawson Program, 18 years ago, scientists, physicists  and doctors are now more openly talking about various models. One such model is Quantum Physics, in the subtle  energy realms and the  techniques they are using to help people heal both mental and physical illnesses. Dr Joe Dispenza teaches a form of meditation that may help people to heal.

Many of us may feel we may not have sufficient knowledge, skill, confidence or are not able to remember all the processes, so may choose to do nothing with this awareness of the Subtle Energy element. Sometimes just applying one process may create a big shift for oneself or someone else. A great example of this is a friend who had undertaken the Dawson training but was only comfortable with the process of “leg length checking”. He used to do this on his elderly mother and after this simple process was completed, his mother always felt so much better.  

Another example of using the simplest tools of the Dawson Program was shown to me as I started writing this article. My daughter came to me and said she had self-muscle tested and nutrition was her weakest link; she identified what foods would assist to reset the gut biome. A lot of research had been undertaken so she had a clear model about nutrition and potential issues that could be causing the problem. Her knowledge about self muscle testing and self healing has come from only experiencing Dawson Program corrections and a deep trust in her intuition. Her way of self-correcting the energy systems is by sitting with animals.  

So how has the Dawson Program changed your life and those in your circle of influence?

By applying basic tools, such as muscle testing, may be life changing.

To be a healthy “human being” has not changed since humanity appeared on earth. 

Maybe we have forgotten that the processes need to be Holistic and Heart centred. 

Shane Gregg

Dawson Program Educator & Practitioner

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