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Educator and Practitioner

Based: Brisbane

Appointment Locations: Brisbane

As a Dawson Program practitioner, Margaret works with whatever concerns are presented by the client during the consultation and correctional process; there is no limit to the areas of healing in which the Dawson Program can assist.


For some clients, the request is for a ‘general overhaul’ where many symptoms are often revealed. For children, Margaret typically works with anxiety, concentration, learning and dyslexia. Many adults also visit with emotional concerns, issues of anxiety, concentration and sleeplessness. Family patterns of behaviour and/or physical conditions is also an area of special interest.


As a Dawson Program educator, Margaret’s focus is to impart as much knowledge as she can in the context of learning the Dawson Program protocol. Her goal is for participants to complete their training with the confidence to utilise this discipline in their own lives, for the benefit of their own families, and to be inspired to continue to become a practitioner if that is their field of interest. 

​Her personal training in the Dawson Program began in 2010 and it has been a continuously expansive learning journey since that time.






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