Learning Difficulties 


The Dawson Program can greatly assist the condition of Dyslexia 






Without Drugs


Without Manual Physical Adjustments​

Of the many thousands of children and adults who have been treated by the Dawson Program here is a testimonial from our world wide files from just one delighted mother:


" Dear Cam, Thank you so much for the work you do.  Words cannot describe the feelings I have in seeing the miraculous change that has come over Michael.  To see hime change from a child who could not learn, could not pay attention in class, to a child who is functioning normally is one of the happiest and most amazing experiences I've ever had.  I am so relieved to know that Michael will now develop normally and that he was treated early enough not to have been adversely psychologically affected.  As you said he is ver artistic and produces meticulous and detailed pictures, but he no longer has the obsessions that simple, instant,

drug-free treatment.  I will never forget what you have done for us"

Diagram A illustrates the process of a visual image from sight to the final recognition of the image by the brain. In this instance printed text HELP a four-letter word. In this illustration, it is assumed that the left and right brain and both eyes are functioning correctly and therefore sight recognition is able to be achieved correctly.

This individual may be homolateral but has forced the left and right brain to integrate to process this visual information. This individual could be integrated and therefore is functioning in their normal mode of brain and eye function using very little energy compared with someone who is homolateral and has forced this integrated state of vision

Diagram B illustrates the process of a visual image of the word HELP by an individual who is homolateral and seriously so or of a male child of approximately six to seven years old. Both these individuals are assumed to be homolateral and undertaking a reading task. Their right brain has turned on because it is a visual function and their left brain has been switched off by their subconscious to save energy. The left brain is not functioning, therefore the right eye is not functioning and the visual image from the right of centre which is received by the left retina of the left eye is not processed in the brain because the left brain has switched off. Therefore the final result of visual recognition is half the word - the left half HE. As this child of seven grows his peripheral vision will increase and he may be able to increase his vision from 2 to 3 to 3 and a half letters by his teenage years. This is still less than the visual spread of someone who has integrated correctly early in life.

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