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Every living thing, including our individual cells, is constructed around and surrounded by energy systems of varying frequencies. The correct function of these energy systems enables every cell and organ to maintain the optimum Life Force frequency.

The Energy Systems: Features

The Dawson Program works with the three primary Energy Systems associated with the human body:


Seven energy frequencies that energise the body’s electrical systems (much like the electricity lines entering your home).



Fourteen energy frequencies that distribute energy around the body (like the electrical wiring systems in your home). This creates an energetic framework for the physical structure of the body.

Auric Fields 

Seven energy fields through and surrounding the body that are the protective (warning of danger) and communication systems (like the phone and security systems of your home).

How do these energy systems influence health?

If any of these systems are not functioning at the optimal frequency, the physical structure of the body is altered affecting the skeletal and muscular systems. This physical alteration in structure places pressure on the nervous system which, in turn, affects the function of organs. The person can become prone to emotional and physical problems including learning difficulties.

What causes discord in energy systems?

Energy systems can malfunction due to a variety of causes - often emotional (more than 80% of illnesses have an emotional cause), chemical (including food intolerances) or physical shock or trauma. In addition to direct causes, genetic energy malfunctions can be passed down from ancestors, or transmitted from other people. Energy malfunctions can also be left in geographic locations as residual imbalances and this can impact on people when they are in that space.

What can be done about it?

To restore these energy systems to a balanced healthy state involves using the body’s natural ability to heal itself and the following simple process:  the use of muscle testing to identify (a) which energy systems are out of balance, (b) when this imbalance occurred, and (c) what type of shock caused the imbalance – was it a physical, toxic or emotional shock? Then the practitioner uses a range of vibrational frequencies, mostly sound, to influence the flow of the energy systems to return to a balanced state, allowing the body to physically correct and return to its optimal life force.

The opportunity to benefit from a Dawson Program ‘correction’ is available to people of all ages. All that is required is that you are prepared to give yourself the opportunity, then allow the natural energetic and physical realignment to occur. The correction process is non-invasive and generally requires only two to three visits to experience significant changes in your health and well-being.



"The Dawson Program, and other forms of energetic healing, are important because when our energetic framework is not in balance, then we may not obtain the maximum benefits of our diet, exercise and positive thought patterns. This is because a ‘dint’ in our energetic framework impacts on our physical and emotional wellbeing even when we make other positive changes in our lives. Often, this makes energetic healing the ‘missing link’ for people.”


~ Margaret Bridgeford, Author of 'Eat.. Think... Heal' & Dawson Practitioner

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