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Based: Sutton, Dublin 13, Ireland & Poland

Appointment Locations: Sutton, Dublin 13, Ireland & Poland. Remote sessions available


Since she was a child, Aga always knew there was some kind of magic around us. At such a young age, she knew nothing of Auric Fields, Chakras and Meridians, but there was something inside of her telling that there is more than most people can see.  

Aga has always had interest in alternative therapies as well as nutrition and herbalism. Grounded by a general interest in a holistic way of living where a connection to nature has been a fundamental part of her life.

Aga started her journey with Bio Energy when she realised that conventional medicine didn’t offer all the answers to her questions. Aga ventured the journey of self-study not only to become educated but also to help family and friends.

Studying Bio Energy with The Bio Energy Academy of Dublin and Dawson Program in Ireland with Robert Johnson, Aga now practices both of these therapies. She is also a Protocol Assistant in Bio Energy Academy of Dublin.

“I absolutely love working with these treatments because they are complementary, non-invasive and a completely safe therapy type. The benefits that can be achieved to support my clients with their challenges is absolutely amazing and amazes me more and more each day in this life. I can’t imagine a life without these treatments and the work I do now.”




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