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What is the Dawson Program?

Dawson Program Philosophy

The Dawson Program does not diagnose any specific condition but rather seeks to initiate the return of the body to its optimum condition of wellbeing through the correction of its electrical systems.
The Dawson Program regards the human body as a naturally self-creating, self-correcting system when given the opportunity to do so.


‘...we need only learn again that the body is a self-correcting system and will respond immediately if treated correctly.’C. Dawson

Dawson Program Assessment

A visual assessment allows the essential signs of imbalance, for example a lazy eye, a reading problem, or lopsided stance, to be interpreted and a correction planned.
A technique of Kinesiology - muscle testing - is used to trace or confirm the root cause of imbalance affecting the body.

To help regain balance, frequency is applied in the form of sound, scent, colour or crystal.
This correction technique has an extremely high success rate in reduction of pain, assisting with dyslexia Dyslexia Page and learning problems Learning Difficulty Page. By balancing the body, food intolerances, behavioural and emotional problems can be greatly reduced. The balanced body promotes the natural self-healing processes, which assists in immunity to viruses and bacterial infections, and maintains general health and wellbeing.


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