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Welcome to the Dawson Program
Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Dawson Program philosophy, find out more about the Courses we offer, and enable you to contact a practitioner in your area.
Information sessions and Courses are run throughout the year worldwide. We hope that after a browse through our site, a spark of inspiration will ignite in you to look deeper into the Dawson Program.
The results speak for themselves. People from all walks of life gain greater understanding and commitment to their health and wellbeing after experiencing a Dawson program consultation. The results they experience often motivate clients to learn more.   See Introductory (Family) Course

‘..we all undertake first aid correction to ourselves and our family using the techniques we have all been taught of physical first aid for cuts burns bruises, headaches, colds etc, but for the main part, we have lost the knowledge of the physical/emotional correctional techniques...’ C. Dawson

Maintaining a healthy electro-physical system was common knowledge in ancient times, the understanding of which has been resurfacing in the western culture more recently. Cameron Dawson’s contribution to this is great.  His investigations covered a vast area of history and continents, he was unbiased and found many cross references between various religions, ages and continents.  His care and love for his family and empathy for humanity directed much of the years of his life regaining new meaning and fervour after recovering from serious illness. After 30 years of investigation and more than 12 years of clinical practice he formed the basis of the system of identification and correction called the ‘Dawson Program’. He worked with a deep trust of the body’s ability to heal itself.  Symptoms, either behavioural or physical are regarded as indications of an underlying tension, which bypasses the conditioned, ‘cultured’ mind. Cameron welcomed all people and his work ethic was that of a man who once taken on a task would stay with it, committed to completion.


Secrets of Health revealed

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